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Whether you’re a first timer looking for fitness or an aspiring fighter, Triumph MMA offers some of the best in kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts training and coaching.

We offer a winning combination of mixed martial arts, realistic self-defence, kickboxing of all styles and fitness.

At Triumph we have produced countless high level competitors and five Canadian MMA champions.

So whether you’re a professional fighter, casual athlete, fitness enthusiast, housewife, child or just simply want to try something new, Triumph MMA is a place you can call home.

Come join Team Triumph today. Kids get the first week free and adults get the first class free.

Team Triumph Believes

  • In everyone being treated with respect, dignity and fairness
  • That Triumph is a team. All coaches, fighters and members help each other achieve their goals and highest potential
  • Your team is your family
  • In developing and promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as high self esteem and confidence
  • In continued growth and improvement in all students
  • In putting the team and gym first in your everyday decisions and actions
  • In providing the highest value for fees paid
  • In ethical business practice