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Just nine days out from Fivestar Fight League 10: WARDOG vs GRIZZLY we have the updated Fight Card to announce. This will be a great event and so far we are looking at one of our best turnouts yet!

Make sure to stop by our ticket outlets so you aren’t dissapointed, or contact us at Fivestar Athletics and I’m sure we can take care of you!!


Gary Peck (2-1) vs Craig Hudson (3-3) Heavyweight Title Fight

Chad Freeman (7-5) vs Zach Gait (4-3) Lightweight Title Fight

Duncan Wilson (5-3) vs Cody Krahn (12-8) @ 185

Raph Bergman (4-4) vs Marcus Hicks (15-23) @ 205

Rick Pfeifer (2-1) vs Mark Delgado (1-6) @ 135

Tang Thongpeng (2-3) vs Morgan Littlechild (1-0) @ 135

Tee Jay Klassen (1-4) vs Mike Boudoin (0-4) @ 155

Chris Chapman (0-0) vs Tyler O’Brian (2-7)

Blake Shearing (0-1) vs Michael Hay (0-0) @ 145

Jackpot Grill
Champions Gym
Lions Den Pub
Vanity Insanity