Just one week shy of out 1 year anniversary, we are heading north once again to visit Yellowknife with one of the cards of the year!

Revisiting Yellowknife arena was never in question, and it is great to have it almost one year (8 days short – to be exact) from our first event ever that was also held in Yellowknife, NWT on September 15th 2012. Though we have come a long way, we will always come back to the places that welcome us with open arms and to those who bring the fans out in droves. It only makes sense.

So this time, for the fans and sponsors that support us up north, we are bringing one of the best cards of the year. It will include some of the best talent, title fights and even some local heros. We are always looking for ways to not only grow our own business, but also the sport and local communities. We have always loved the fans an community of Yellowknife for their support and we want to show our support back not only by bringing great fights on a consistent basis, but to help the community in any way that we can.

Full fight card announcements will soon follow and we look forward to seeing all of the fans out again on September 7th at Yellowknife Arena.